AForce London – a cut and sew hub which houses over 120 specialised machineries for leather production. The mission of AForce is to create a venue which enables the individuals from the leather industry to enliven their concepts and support the future of the fashion industry.

We have access to a variety of colours and types of leather and textile. We specialise in sampling and manufacturing of Leather Bags, Belts, Accessories and Garments.

AForce London is currently based in South London however we are currently relocating towards Central London; creating a sampling studio and showroom in the heart of the United Kingdom.

AForce London does not have a Minimum Order Quanity; we believe everyone should be provided with the opportunity to bring their ideas and projects to life.

With any project, a Tech Pack is required to allow our designers and production team to bring your product to life. The tech pack features all dimensions, fabrics, information in which is required to create a strong sample.

We are more than capable to assist with the creation of a Tech Pack for your project.

Yes, all of AForce’s manufacturing is based in the UK; focusing on bringing the heritage of British Manufacturing to every project we work on.

Every project is different, however, we aim to provide an estimated sampling time between 2-4 weeks, allowing for our team to assess the perfect ways to create your product.

Every project is different, dependent on the product, this is a conversation we would have once the first sample has been created, so we can provide an accurate Lead Time.

We have a large stock of leather in which we can discuss suitability for your project. We are happy to provide leather for your project and also happy for you to provide leather / materials for your project.